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At Catana Team, we provide a wide range of services tailored to our clients' needs. Our Real Estate Services are designed to analyze, confront and solve your personal issues. We are a result-oriented Real Estate team that will work with you throughout the entire decision-making process. Contact us to find out how we can help today.



Client's Reviews

Jameel Brown
Jameel Brown
Emanuel and Simona did an amazing job helping me with my first property purchase. They were very thorough with their process and showed me multiple properties that met my needs until I found the right one. Not only that, but Emanuel walked me through the entire process and helped set me up with the right people along the way. Even after the purchase he stayed connected and still answered any question I had and went out of his way to help. Would definitely reccomend
Vitor Amaro
Vitor Amaro
The team is amazing. When I was in the process to find a new home for my family, they helped us to find the perfect house which matched the location, size and price we needed
Beatriz Saleh
Beatriz Saleh
They are very professional, attentive and assertive. I found my apartment with them. I definitely recommend it!
Maria Serafim
Maria Serafim
Carol nos atendeu muito bem, foi super atenciosa, nos deu várias dicas e nos ajudou em tudo que precisávamos. Recomendo 100% o trabalho deles
Matheus Thomaz
Matheus Thomaz
Everyone who we have met in Catana’s team was very dedicated and supportive. Specially Carol who prepared everything we need beforehand and made our moving smooth.
Carlos Barros
Carlos Barros
Carol is very helpful. She tried to find a place to me and always was available when I needed. I super recommend them for the quality of the service.
Oskalia Valencia González
Oskalia Valencia González
We were fortunate to have Emanuel guide us through the process of finding our first home. Emanuel not only helped us find a place that met our needs but also provided us with essential information about the neighbourhood and community, making our transition smoother. We appreciate his help throughout this process and his kindness and support.
Camila Sousa
Camila Sousa
Sem dúvidas foi a melhor decisão que tivemos! A Carol Pirro além de ter oferecido um suporte incrível, ela entendeu exatamente o que precisávamos e não mediu esforços para nos entregar a melhor opção, que foi muito além do que esperávamos!
Robyson De Paula
Robyson De Paula
Sensational service, committed and attentive professionals, the entire process took around 1 week, amazing!
Lavinia Devries
Lavinia Devries
We just recently purchased our first home with Emanuel. We got to see a variety of houses to choose from to fit our needs. I am beyond impressed with the whole experience it went super smooth from start to finish. Now we get to enjoy our first owned property!!


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    1Where does the Catana Team trade in Real Estate?
    The Catana Team primarily focuses on The Region of Waterloo and the surrounding areas. Contact us to find out if we can help you with your transaction.
    2What sets the Catana Team apart in the local Real Estate market?
    The Catana team provides Real Estate buyers, sellers and investors with high-quality personalized service tailored to their individual needs at affordable commission rates.

    Our Team can help you:

    - Purchase or sell a property.

    - Find a property that meets your needs and wants.

    - Find the best listing strategy for your house to get you top dollar.

    - Negotiate the best price. (Buying and Selling)

    - Lease/rent out your investment property.

    - Find a place to lease/rent.

    - Find third-party professionals that can assist you with all your. needs (examples: mortgage brokers, lawyers, etc.)

    3Why should I use a Real Estate Agent to sell or buy a home? 
    Real Estate transactions are a full-time job. You must be ready to answer phone calls and show the home at a moment's notice. A Real Estate Agent's job is to take on these responsibilities so that you can be at ease during the transaction. 

    Real Estate Agents also have access to vast amounts of information and databases not available to the public. They will be able to learn more about a home than an average homeowner. You also have peace of mind that all registered salespeople in Ontario must be insured through RECO's (Real Estate Council of Ontario) insurance program, including errors and omissions insurance, consumer deposit insurance, and commission protection insurance.
    4I'm thinking about buying my first home. Where do I start?
    When buying your first house, the first question you need to ask is, "What can I afford?". In order to answer this question, you need to seek out a pre-approval. A pre-approval will look into your current financial situation and decide how much you can afford based on how much a lender will be willing to lend to you. For more information on the topic, contact us today, and we can put you in touch with a mortgage specialist. 
    5What is a Buyer's Market?
    A buyer's market is when the supply of homes is greater than the demand. Simply put, buyers have more options when looking to buy homes. Some signs of a buyer's market include homes selling below the asking price, homes being listed for long periods of time before selling, and the average number of homes being sold is down. 
    6What is a Seller's Market
    A seller's market is when the demand for homes is greater than the supply. With fewer homes on the market and demand still present, sellers may receive multiple offers on their homes, resulting in bidding wars and higher prices. Some signs of a seller's market include multiple offer situations, homes selling above the asking price, being listed for short periods, and selling quickly.
    7What are the best upgrades to increase the value of my home?
    A well-maintained and updated home will always attract more attention and benefit from the increased value. There are plenty of inexpensive upgrades that you can do to improve the value of your home. Before completing any updates, research current popular trends and choose updates that reflect these trends to have the most significant impact. 

    New paint and floors are the best way to give your home a new look without breaking the bank. You will instantly notice how much of a change they make. Some other improvements you can make are:

    - Increase the curb appeal with a well-maintained lawn and flower beds

    - Freshen up your driveway and repair any potholes or cracks

    - Update the faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms

    - Update kitchen hardware and doorknobs/handles

    - Update light fixtures

    - Complete any general repairs around the home

    Follow these tips, and you are sure to increase the value of your home!