Meet Emanuel Catana

Emanuel Catana is the CEO and leader of The Catana Team!

He always seeks to solve everything in record time. He is very punctual, always responds to contacts and messages in a short time and is an excellent problem solver. Also, Emanuel is the most passionate person about the Real Estate market. He always finds the best options for his clients.

He has a talent for making you feel right at home with him from the first conversation.

He is a great leader and has turned his team into a great family; his office is a light environment driven by a great passion for work. He cares for everyone around him with a big heart, especially Matthias, his son and great love.

Emanuel is family-oriented, and in his spare time, he loves to go out for a romantic dinner with his wife. Some of Emanuel’s hobbies are sports and music. Soccer is his favourite sport, and he really enjoys playing the accordion/guitar. Thanks for being a great leader Emanuel.

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Our team


Carolina Moura

Business Management Analyst || Content Specialist

Carol is responsible for keeping our team on track at the Catana Team. She uses her organization and analytic skills to help us find new ways to grow and expand our horizons. She also is the face behind our social media content.

Carol has 20+ years of legal experience. She is a specialist in business management. She has worked with large companies on essential contracts and has an abundant amount of task management and people management skills. Carol is originally from Brazil and came to Canada to do a postgraduate degree in Global Business Management. She strives to improve her knowledge in her field and is always looking for that next opportunity to learn!

Carol loves to cook in her personal life and is incredibly good at it. She specializes in authentic Brazilian dishes! She is a great hostess who enjoys having a full house and meeting new friends. Her biggest passion is her daughter, Isadora, with whom she loves to make memories. She has a mania for cleanliness and loves to keep her eyeglasses collection organized. Her workstation is always colourful and full of notes with ideas!


Almir Moura

Marketing Director

Almir is our creative genius here at the Catana Team. He is responsible for editing photos and videos and giving them our signature look. His creative profile always leads us to think outside the box and go beyond content. He always brings fresh ideas to the table.

Almir is the creative mind behind multiple campaigns that have accumulated national and international awards; he has 15+ years of experience in Advertising and Marketing. He has directed branding in numerous markets, including real estate, automobiles, etc. Almir is originally from Brazil; he came to Canada to expand his international market knowledge. In Brazil, he was a creative director at his marketing agency.

Almir is a music lover; it is common to find him working to the sound of bossa nova and samba. Almir likes to travel; he is sociable and has an incredible collection of fascinating stories from his adventures. He is an excellent father and is one of those people worth getting to know. He has a lot of knowledge and is always willing to help!

Our Office

Smart from Home Realty Inc, Brokerage

Smart From Home Realty Ltd. ensures all its brokers and salespersons maintain high standards of ethics and a well-developed knowledge of Real Estate in the Waterloo Region and surrounding areas. Our brokerage's number one goal is a commitment to serving clients with the utmost professionalism and respect.

Smart From Home Realty Ltd. has been active in the Waterloo Region Real Estate market for many years, providing a cost-effective service to its employees to help them succeed while maintaining high-quality services for the clients.

The Catana Team is proud to be part of the 20+ realtors employed by Smart From Home Realty Ltd., exemplifying high-quality traits and experience.

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